Welcome to the Oklahoma Conservation Photography Survey (OKLACPS).

The mission of the Oklahoma Conservation Photography Survey is to create and use compelling photography to inspire and show the need for conservation and preservation of Oklahoma’s natural places.


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The diversity of Oklahoma’s ecosystems enriches the landscape and provides valuable benefits to society. All across the state, ecosystems face increasing challenges that threaten their health, biodiversity and the natural ecological services that nature provides that all Oklahomans depend upon.

Oklahoma-based conservation photographer, Kim Baker, established the Oklahoma Conservation Photography Survey, an image-based environmental campaign dedicated to creating and using photography to help create a wider understanding of Oklahoma’s amazing ecological diversity, our interconnected dependence on the natural resources of Oklahoma for our well-being, and to show how action can help conserve the ecological integrity of Oklahoma’s important strong-holds of biodiversity.

The goal of the Oklahoma Conservation Photography Survey website is to share important environmental stories from across the state and to inspire and help connect Oklahomans to the Oklahoma land through photography.

The Oklahoma Conservation Photography Survey seeks creative ways to involve and collaborate with diverse sectors of society, including non-governmental organizations, governmental agencies, private business, educational institutions, scientists, policy makers, writers, creative professionals, students, and the interested public.

If you like to get involved with any of our projects, we would like to hear your ideas. Contact OKLACPS via e-mail or post. Contact: oklacps@yahoo.com


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